Reimagining the future of skills: what do young people think?

"I look forward to a future where every young person who has a dream will never feel their dream is limited because of their circumstances. That there is no skill that is unreachable because of who you are or where you are."

This is a quote from an inspirational young South African, Maryam Elgoni in this short video from World Youth Skills Day. She summed up in two sentences the reason why I felt driven to found Global Education Specialists almost five years ago, and why now more than ever we will strive every day to make this a reality.

Our alliance with Cahoot Learning and the launch of the Cahoot Academy was driven by a desire to ensure that the workforce and entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow have the skills and capabilities needed to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and complex world. Based on the reflections of these thought leaders in terms of the skills needed, it appears we have got it right by launching the Academy with the Adaptive Leadership and Resilience programs.

Thank you Maryam for the timely reminder and your inspiring words.

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