Last week saw me back in the UK for a full week of meetings, events and partnership discussions with current and future clients and partners of Global Education Specialists. After a 14-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur and a quick shower and change, I headed straight to an East Meets West club event, where I met with some potential partners to work with on our expansion plans into the exciting Chinese market.

The next day saw me catch up on how our project with the London Legacy Development Corporation has moved forward in recent months, before an afternoon spent at University College London sharing ideas and planning an exciting new international expansion of the GES offer with new partners while the sun shone outside.

Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of going to the London School of Economics for an alumni event and took part in a fascinating discussion on globalisation. The rest of the week followed a very similar pattern until another overnight flight to Dubai Friday!

People often ask me how I cope with all the flying and time zone changes and lack of sleep, and I'll discuss that in a future blog. What I do know is that the key to it all is that I get to meet and work with some amazing people. People who as well as having seriously impressive brains, creative ideas and lots of energy, are all equally as passionate as I am about education and workforce development.

That for me provides more than enough drive and motivation to offset the tiredness and the jetlag.