Vereniki Goneva Sponsorship

The value of work ethic and determination are what drive GES to provide the best service possible, and this drive is mirrored in our latest sponsorship.

When the opportunity to sponsor internationally capped Vereniki Goneva of the Newcastle Falcons arose, GES CEO Craig Crowther saw it as a fantastic partnership.

“I think there are many lessons for businesses in sport,” says Craig.

A somewhat surprising coupling, sport and business mirror each other’s imperative need to support team members.

The largest and most successful businesses grow when its members thrive together. Without cohesive and supportive working relationships, the business will fail to flourish. Teamwork, the very basis of every group sport, is the essential element in building strong, resilient businesses.

“If one part of the team does not apply themselves 100%, then the whole thing breaks down”.

The chance to support and grow with such an enterprising team was one that couldn’t be missed. When Craig was made aware that Niki Goneva was available to sponsor, it was a done deal.

The Fijian winger lit up the premiership last year and deserved the many accolades and awards he received, and Craig leapt at the opportunity to support such a talented individual.

We cannot be prouder to be sponsoring Niki, and be in partnership with such a fantastic team. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates with Niki, the Newcastle Falcons, and Global Education Specialists.

Go Falcons!