GES Localisation Strategies

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Oil and gas dependent nations in the Gulf and elsewhere are continuing to strive to improve the global competitiveness of their economies and drive population prosperity through localisation strategies.

In the $50 a barrel oil price environment, effective strategies to train and develop the local workforce in a cost-effective way has never been more critical.

GES were delighted to be able to attend the Get Energy Global event in London last week with their partners Rider International where the theme of localisation in the Gulf, South America and Africa was widely discussed. Global Education Specialists has a wealth of experience in developing localisation strategies and has devised effective programmes in countries as diverse as the UAE, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria amongst others.

GES are currently driving the implementation of Rider International’s RigRider™ software within Dalma Energy Oman, which has helped them achieve a level of 92% Omanisation within its operational workforce against a country average for operators in the oil and gas sector of around 70%.

This project, which has brought together Rider International’s innovative software with GES’s excellence in project implementation, has clearly demonstrated that localisation, safe operations, and profitability in a low oil price economy are not mutually exclusive but entirely achievable.